There has been a lot of sleaze in Washington, DC the past few decades.

Bill Clinton lying about his affair with an office intern.

Newt Gingrich covering up his affair with an office staffer while condemning Clinton’s “lack of morality.”

Bob Livingston, next in line behind Gingrich, calling for Clinton’s impeachment while hiding his own secret affairs.

John Edwards conceiving a love child on the presidential campaign trail.

Duke Cunningham admitting $2.4 million in bribes from defense contractors.

“Family values” senator David Vitter shacking up with the D.C. Madam in a prostitution scandal.

And there are many more.

But the worst of all has now come to light as we’ve learned from prosecutors that former House speaker Dennis Hastert abused four young boys when he was their wrestling coach and then paid hush money to cover it up.

aezjmhnzakj1jfchkqilThe Republican congressman, called “the coach” by colleagues and constituents alike, abused children when he was in a position of power. Then, somehow, he rose to one of the top political posts in America.

Prosecutors say Hastert’s “history and characteristics are marred by stunning hypocrisy.”

Though he claimed after achieving a successful career that a coach should never strip away another person’s dignity, “that is exactly what defendant did to his victims. He made them feel alone, ashamed, guilty and devoid of dignity. These boys struggled, and are all still struggling now.”

Prosecutors have recommended Hastert spend six months in prison, the maximum allowed under federal guidelines for the banking violation.

That doesn’t seem anywhere near enough.

For all the sleaziness in Washington, Hastert is the worst.

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