Having a birthday on April 20 has always been fantastic. It’s spring, the weather is beautiful, flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and people are generally in a good mood.

Coming four months after Christmas, and with most of the holiday bills paid off, the birthday present count was always very high too. Lots of presents with a loving family was always a bonus for me as a kid.

Speaking of very high, April 20 is also the day enjoyed by marijuana smokers across the globe.

For years, growing up, I just assumed people were extra nice on this day because of my birthday. But in college I learned 420 is THE day to smoke weed.

There are worse things in life than a bunch of stoned people wishing you happy birthday and sharing with you their crunchy Cheetos. So enjoy!




James Evan Heath

For me this April 20 of 2016 is a bit of a milestone.

It’s the big 5-0!

Half a century!

I’m more at peace with it than I was turning either 30 or 40. Those were difficult transitions for me.

Truthfully I’m less frightened of being older now. Like mom and dad always said, “you’ll get to be our age one day!”

And that day, for me at least, has arrived.

Time is like a tsunami, it just keeps pushing forward. It brings people and events into your life and pushes others out. It’s relentless. But at 50, I’ve discovered, you get kind of used to it.

And I am not alone.

In 2016 there are other “people you know” who hit the half-century mark.

Check out the slideshow, beginning with Cindy Crawford. Still beautiful at 50.


[tie_slide] Turning 50


Cindy Crawford at 50


[tie_slide] Turning 50


Patrick Dempsey at 50


[tie_slide] Turning 50


Darius Rucker at 50


[tie_slide] Turning 50


Kiefer Sutherland at 50


[tie_slide] Turning 50


Nancy O’Dell at 50


[tie_slide] Turning 50


Daisy Fuentes at 50


[tie_slide] Turning 50


Garcelle Beauvais at 50


[tie_slide] Turning 50


Adam Sandler at 50


[tie_slide] Turning 50


Mike Tyson at 50


[tie_slide] Turning 50


David Schwimmer at 50


[tie_slide] Turning 50


Luke Perry at 50


[tie_slide] Turning 50


Martina McBride at 50


[tie_slide] Turning 50


Halle Berry at 50


[tie_slide] Turning 50


J.J. Abrams at 50


[tie_slide] Turning 50


Matthew Fox at 50


[tie_slide] Turning 50


Julianna Margulies at 50


[tie_slide] Turning 50


Robin Wright at 50


[tie_slide] Turning 50


Janet Jackson at 50


Yes, Janet Jackson, the youngest Jackson, is really 50!

It doesn’t seem possible, but here we are.


What follows is the equivalent of life flashing before ones eyes.

ps_2011_10_14___16_07_321ps_2011_10_14___16_08_47 (2)ps_2011_10_13___15_39_031a pop kidIMG_1681IMG_1684IMG_168012495242_10208848884361079_8519992446463717501_n229503_1080740660414_6624_n1002758_10201508782623123_1097900668_n11149534_10206514796730347_8967201740172920942_o221927_1068054663272_837_n379485_2954713508564_369127637_njim high school208796_1028467753624_9782_njim goldwaterIMG_16756736_1195769416061_8225036_nps_2011_10_14___15_43_171217139_1029571101207_7915_n3060_1156550915623_5167873_nps_2011_10_13___17_40_47110991681_10206145267012335_7704398934497018933_oballparkjim accjim myrtle beach


I’ve also made some newspaper headlines along the way… and none of them, I’m pleased to report, involved jail time!


And I’ve picked up a few trinkets here and there…



Then there is the career. Working first around politicians, then the press.

10914915_10206228883942706_3342142883626521567_ojim jdjim kyma billboardjim boardjim bob sdccapitol square11021070_10206188508733351_2395808290321196736_n548420_10150647234872535_227860827534_9245206_174133009_n - CopyCAPITOL SQUARE CARTOON - Copy227933_1065465238538_1283233572_30200905_5724_n10995335_10206188508653349_3250507436006725975_n1928716_1089243752986_8821_n31023_10201073798196784_279594674_njim and tomjim kevin emmy10750323_10206600725758519_8461216857667439827_o1397085_10202633460539368_1623147283_o jim capitolcolangelo jim226593_1067359085883_5500_n1017439_10202134228018867_2097054780_nA6uaJbFCAAAj3YDColumbus-20121113-00106jim tampa long431462_4516632115553_355276765_n jim ohio382272_10200759946742694_2074600636_nIMG_0509



But the best part of my journey has been the love received from family and friends.

Nothing can replace that.

hawaiips_2011_10_13___16_44_491dad gameIMG00932-20100702-2143IMG01486-20101231-1549IMG_1691IMG01514-20110101-1351jimtodymaljimps_2011_10_13___17_45_081ps_2011_10_13___16_43_291IMG-20110903-00102IMG_1664anniejimbucksColumbus-20111010-0017211884984_10207519776134204_5464938499913932673_oa pop treeps_2011_10_14___15_59_3911157498_10206694640026317_7807970776127061232_odillion osu 3ps_2011_10_14___16_02_391myrtle beachmomandmea dad xmas


All I wanted for this 50th birthday was a nice dinner with my mom. And I’m happy to say that’s exactly what’s happening.

My mom turned 80 this past August. She gets annoyed when I point that out to people, but she still looks incredible and feels good.

My parents have always been my best friends, so seeing mom doing so well is simply fantastic.

I’m also thinking of my dad a lot today. It seems like yesterday he was turning 50 and we were going out to dinner to celebrate his birthday.

In fact, the year my pop turned 50 he wrote me this note:

dad note clean

My dad offered me this wisdom in his 50th year that fame and fortune aren’t the most important things in life, but instead health, happiness and the joy you bring to friends.

That was impossible for me to see at 18. Now it’s very clear at 50.

I miss you pop. Thanks for everything mom.

If you’re reading this, I’m very pleased you are part of my life. And I hope we will be friends for many more years to come.


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