While Americans watch one of the most bizarre circus like presidential campaigns unfold, the new Canadian Prime Minister is being credited for bringing about a tranquil style of politics.


Last week a Toronto-area yoga instructor shared this 2013 photo of Justin Trudeau doing a yoga pose on Facebook and the social media world went crazy. In just under an hour the photo had more than 5,000 shares on Facebook and 10,000 “likes.” NBC’s Saturday Night Live even featured the picture during a Weekend Update segment.

TrudeauYoga2Two years ago, Trudeau retweeted a photo of himself showing off his “peacock pose” or “mayurasana” with his wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, a yoga instructor who has studied hatha yoga and once taught classes at a public school as a volunteer.

Trudeau, who has a beautiful wife and family, is charismatic, charming, and some say downright hot.

He’s also a feminist, a baby-panda enthusiast and a proficient boxer.

And the world can’t seem to get enough of him.

In fact, the coverage Trudeau has received across the globe has lead his home newspaper, the Toronto Star, to editorialize: “For those of you living beyond our borders thirsty for Trudeau: I implore you, please, for the dignity of our kind and cold nation, find a new crush.”

Sorry Canada, but it’s not likely to happen.

Considering how bad our presidential race is going, a crush may be just the diversion America needs for the next six months.




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