funny.pho.to_times_square_billboards(1)Front Row Seat at the Circus!

Why wouldn’t the book CNN’s Senior Washington Correspondent Jeff Zeleny calls, “A terrific read of why campaigns matter and a ring-side look into how we elect our leaders.”

Or the book ABC News Political Director Rick Klein recommends, “Jim Heath takes us behind the curtain for the encounters that really matter. The insights are colorful and conversational.”

Or the book CSPAN’s Political Editor Steve Scully loves and says, “Electing a president HAS turned into a political circus and nobody captures it better than Jim Heath. This is a ‘must-read’ for anyone interested in the circus of politics.”

Or the book that both Republican Sen. Rob Portman and former Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland recommend.

Or the book former Mitt Romney spokesman Kevin Madden and former DNC chairman David Wilhelm recommend.

Or the book political guru Dr. Larry Sabato calls “substantive and entertaining!”

So promoting the hit political book Front Row Seat at the Circus in Times Square, the heart of the entire world?

Why not!

We should really make that happen!

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