Former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard, and 1992 Republican presidential candidate, David Duke is defending presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and blaming “Jews in the media” for his negative media coverage.

“We have a real job ahead of us to make it clear to the millions upon millions of Trump supporters where this vile attack on Trump is coming from,” said Duke on his web show. “There is no salvation for our people unless the Jewish tyrants who rule over us are overthrown.”

The one-time presidential candidate backed Trump and his attack on federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel for his membership in the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association.

“You couldn’t even imagine any candidate being a member of the European American National Bar Association,” said Duke. “In fact, there isn’t one. That wouldn’t even be allowed. That would be called racist.”

In fact, Curiel is a member of the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association, which is a professional organization. He is not a member of the political National Council of La Raza, which has pushed for comprehensive immigration reform. They are two completely separate organizations.

Earlier this year Duke condemned Republicans Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Nikki Haley for their ethnic backgrounds. He also said European Americans, like Trump, are being driven out of political power in America.

“This is a movement campaign and we know what he’s talking about. Even though Trump is not explicitly talking about European-Americans, he is implicitly talking about the interests of European-Americans,” said Duke. “Our freedoms will all be lost if European Americans are ethnically cleansed from the nation our forefathers created. We need to actually reverse the immigration policy in this country, not just stop it. We need to get back to where we were.”

Since his days in the Louisiana state legislature as a Republican lawmaker, Duke has criticized the changing demographics of America.

“The truth is that the real racism in America is directed against the European American people,” said Duke. “Their hatred and racist incitement against European Americans has no bounds. Thousands of movies portray white people and white history as the epitome of evil.”

Andrew Anglin, a neo-nazi writer, said after Trump secured the GOP nomination, “White men in Amer­ica and across the planet are par­ty­ing like it’s 1999 fol­low­ing Trump’s deci­sive vic­tory over the evil ene­mies of our race.”

Duke blamed Jews in the media for being the primary source of Trump’s problems.

“The Republican Party, the Republican establishment is a neo-con establishment which is a Jewish establishment and that’s why they so oppose Donald Trump,” said Duke. “The media is totally in line with the Jewish agenda, the anti-white hatred and racism, they are totally in line with the Israeli policy and it’s an amazing thing to see.”

Duke’s attack included Chris Wallace from Fox News, and Jake Tapper and Wolf Blitzer from CNN. Duke claims Blitzer is a “Jewish agent from AIPAC.”

Duke also says CNN is run by a “Jewish extremist” Jeff Zucker.

Earlier in the campaign Duke said, “voting against Donald Trump at this point, is really treason to your heritage.” When asked about his comment, Trump denied knowing Duke or anything about him. Yet in 2000 Trump had cited Duke as the reason why he did not seek the Reform Party presidential nomination.

Duke, who has posted a picture of he and Trump together under a banner “Make America White Again,” is now lobbying on social media to be Trump’s running-mate.

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