Donald Trump has spent a year on the campaign trail warning us about the outside political groups that are such a corrupting influence in American politics.

Now we have learned the man once found guilty of the largest Ponzi scheme in American history is heading a pro-Trump political action committee, dedicated to raising a billion dollars for the billionaire’s campaign.

In 1995, Steven Hoffenberg admitted to being the ringleader of one of the largest Ponzi schemes on record, having sold more than $460 million in fraudulent notes and bonds to investors and having used some of the money he collected from later investors to pay interest owed to earlier investors.

The SEC said it was the worst Ponzi scheme they had ever seen. Huffenberg, a former owner of the New York Post, pleaded guilty to criminal conspiracy and fraud charges and spent a decade in prison.

Now Hoffenberg, the treasurer of Get Our Jobs Back, Inc. is busy raising a billion dollars for Trump.

“The Trump Super PAC team staff will raise over $1 billion with expert stock brokers in the USA for the White House race victory by Trump now,” said Hoffenberg in a press release. “Media TV experts don’t understand the demanded jobs right now by the voters. Trump knows what the voters demand in jobs and voters’ loans for the voter’s small business to rebuild the broken USA jobs market.”

According to Politico, Hoffenberg has filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission declaring that his super PAC was going to conduct a $50-million digital media marketing campaign boosting Trump.

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