Donald Trump has fired several veterans because of the time commitments demanded of them by their service to our nation.

The Republican nominee for President of the United States, who received four student deferments from the draft and a medical disqualification for bone spurs in his foot to stay out of Vietnam, fired veterans for the time commitment they were giving to protect our freedom.

According to past court filings the veterans involved each sued Trump for violating laws that protect them from precisely what he did.

  • Air Force Col. Charles Beattie was fired for attending the elite Industrial College of the Armed Forces for nine months. (Eastern Airlines, who Trump bought out, had granted Beattie a leave of absence to fulfill his military service commitment.)
  • Air Force Senior Master Sergeant Richard Wright was deployed to Afghanistan in the spring of 2007. When he returned, the Trump Institute fired him for “all of your absences.”
  • Iraq War veteran Corinne Sommer was fired by Trump University after they wrote in her evaluation that her “problem” was that she was in the military.

All of these incidents are a clear violation of federal law. Trump settled with each out of court.

Trump Shuttle lasted just three years before it was turned over to creditors as part of the assets Trump had to sell to settle the first of three corporate bankruptcies.

The Republican nominee has never before sought public office, thus he has never been vetted in a campaign.

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