About five months to go until the election and fake stories about the presidential candidates have already started.

A blogger working under the name “Sorcha Faal” claims a former United Nations official died suspiciously at home on the same day he was set to testify against presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

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John Ashe, a former UN official, died this month at his home after having a weight lifting accident. Reports that Ashe’s corruption trial was set to begin just five days after his death were not true. Ashe was only scheduled to attend some standard pre-trial meetings in the following days. The U.S. District Attorney says no portion of Ashe’s court case pertained to Hillary Clinton.

The blogger, according to Snopes, publishes fabricated “news” accounts on his political conspiracy website. He once claimed President Obama had given an order to use a nuclear weapon on the city of Charleston.

Unfortunately many fake news websites have picked up his conspiracy story as fact and run with it, despite it being untrue.

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