Donald Trump, the reality TV expert and master media manipulator, finally blew it.

The announcement of a presidential running mate is a big deal. It locks down the ticket for the fall campaign and, usually, sparks a bit of excitement for delegates heading into their national convention.

But after weeks of dangling the possible VP carrot in front of our eyes, Trump made the climatic announcement like this:


No joint appearance? No American flags flapping in the wind? No red, white and blue balloons in the background? No patriotic music or confetti falling?

Just a one-line tweet?

That’s worse than the series finale of Lost. Or How I Met Your Mother. Or the Sorpranos.

Heck, it may be worse than the final episode of Seinfeld!

How did this happen?

According to sources confirmed by both CNN and NBC, Trump was on the phone at midnight this morning trying to get out of his selection.

That’s after Trump had offered the VP spot to Pence and had flown him to New York City.

Donald Trump woke up this morning with cold feet. He was indecisive and unsure of his decision.

In the end he gave his supporters about the most unexciting running mate he could have ever picked.

Thus the resulting lackluster announcement, certainly unworthy of any The Apprentice finale.

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