Donald Trump will announce his running mate in a few days, and sadly it will not be Sarah Palin. That’s too bad considering the entertainment she provided us in 2008. She and Trump together would create a political circus never dreamed possible. Alas, Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort says the choice will be a white guy, dismissing the consideration of a woman or a minority as “pandering.”

Eight years after Palin, who quit halfway through her one term as Alaska’s governor, is there anyone who believes the presumptive Republican nominee would actually serve out a full four-year term as president? Seriously?

Trump is a 70 year old billionaire celebrity who can have a lot more fun doing anything but sitting in public housing everyday and stroking the egos of 535 politicians who will determine his legislative fate.

No, he will almost certainly quit. Or possibly be impeached (think of that circus!). But the odds are not great he’ll be making America great again for four full years.

So, that brings us to his Vice President. Likely to be America’s 46th president if Trump wins in November.

The Top Three guys in contention are not necessarily those who make the most sense. Ted Cruz, the GOP runner-up and conservative favorite, is not on the list. Nor is John Kasich, the governor from must-win Ohio. Or Marco Rubio, the youthful senator from electoral rich Florida.

No, Trump’s Top Three list is a bit bewildering:

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Indiana Governor Mike Pence.

  1. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. He has plenty of congressional experience, and can guide Trump through the legislative process. But c’mon, Newt’s ethics make John Edwards look good. Newt had an affair with a government employee at the same time he was impeaching Bill Clinton who lied about an affair. Consider that hypocrisy. He is also the only sitting Speaker to ever have been reprimanded. The fact that Gingrich is being strongly considered proves he is the real life Frank Underwood.
  2. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. He is a well known chief executive and a favorite on the GOP speaker circuit. But his popularity in his own state, among those voters who know him best, has tanked. And there is that Bridgegate controversy. Christie was strongly critical of Trump during the primaries, but after he dropped out of the race he starting immediately sucking up to him. That may be a trait Trump appreciates.
  3. Indiana Governor Mike Pence. Like Christie, he has executive experience and he’s from the Midwest. He is ultra conservative on social issues, which may help with the base, but provide little help to the GOP in the battleground states. What’s most revealing about the possible Pence selection is the fact that the most logical VP pick for Trump, Kasich, is not in the mix. Kasich says he still can’t justify to his daughters why he would vote for Trump. That should worry Trump because as Ohio goes, so goes the election.

Trump could pull out a wild card this week and announce his running mate is not one of these three men. But there are indications that he is now pulling together a more traditional campaign. That means Newt Gingrich, Chris Christie or Mike Pence could become president at some point during the next four years.

Do not underestimate how important this choice really is.

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