Hillary Clinton has had 17 months to get her answers straight on her decision to have a private email server at her home while Secretary of State.

She still cannot answer it without every voter rolling their eyes.

The latest example happened today when Clinton took questions from the National Association of Black Journalists and National Association of Hispanic Journalists. It was a press conference long overdue, and not held often enough.

She was asked about her continued assertion that FBI Director James Comey had said she was “truthful” to the public in discussing the issue, a claim that the Washington Post awarded Four Pinocchios for being untrue.

Today Clinton answered: “I was pointing out in both of those instances, that Director Comey had said that my answers in my FBI interview were truthful. That really is the bottom line here. What I told the FBI, which he said was truthful, is consistent with what I have said publicly. I may have short-circuited and for that I will try to clarify.”

Short-circuited? What does that even mean? Is that the new phrase for “got it wrong” or “didn’t tell the truth?”

Clinton is apparently taking advice from her husband Bill who insisted that questioners define “what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”

Just cut to the chase: “I really messed up. I should have never had a private server and would never put my country at risk. I was wrong and won’t do it again.”

Why isn’t it this easy?

It’s amazing what a little straight talk can do in repairing a relationship with voters, especially after you’ve had a good week and watched your poll numbers rise.

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