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Donald Trump, under harsh criticism from the VFW and fellow Republicans for his mishandling of a Gold Star family, fired off a tirade of tweets against CNN today, leading some to mention Michael Bloomberg’s comment last week that Americans need to “elect a sane, competent person.”

In the course of several minutes Trump fired off these tweets:

Then, at the end of his long tirade against CNN, Trump offered kind words for House Speaker Paul Ryan’s primary opponent.

Ryan has endorsed Trump but their relationship is an inch deep at best.

Experts say Trump’s tweets tell us a lot about his temperament.

“Donald Trump is a demagogue who has become a vessel for people’s anxiety and anger,” said Michael Kazin, a Georgetown University history professor. “Half of his own party is against him, and even if he is elected, he’s not a hardened right-wing ideologue. Above all, he’s a great entertainer. He’s a con man who cons himself.”

Conservative writer Stephen Hayes wrote last month that “Donald Trump is not of sound mind.” Conservative David Brooks added, “he appears haunted by multiple personality disorders.”

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