At this point everything about this election year is worth writing about because nothing seems especially wacky.

Such is the case of Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert cartoon series.

A few months ago he endorsed Hillary Clinton, “for my personal safety, because I live in California. It isn’t safe to be a Trump supporter where I live.”

So he didn’t really endorse her. He just believed that, in his own words, it would be “business suicide” to back Trump in a state Clinton will win big.

But hold on!

Now Adams has boldly changed his mind and has publicly endorsed Trump. Because… wait for it…

To my untrained eyes and ears, Hillary Clinton doesn’t look sufficiently healthy – mentally or otherwise – to be leading the country,” said Adams. “Likewise, Bill Clinton seems to be in bad shape too, and Hillary wouldn’t be much use to the country if she is taking care of a dying husband on the side.”

There you have it.

An endorsement for Trump because eventually the Clinton’s will die.

If this were the Sunday Dilbert comic strip, you would probably chuckle.

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