It was not so long ago that Donald Trump was telling everyone that Bill Clinton was his favorite president of the last four, and calling him a “terrific guy.”

bill trump

The Clinton Library released 22 new pictures today of Trump hanging out with Clinton in June and September 2000.

bill trump 4

Clinton met Trump’s future wife, Melania, and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kylie Bax, wearing a baby blue and white Playboy bunny T-shirt.

bill trump 1

Trump also spent time with Clinton at a fundraiser for Democratic Rep. Ed Towns, who said in an interview earlier this year that the billionaire reality TV host “cornered” the president and “monopolized” his time.

bill trump 3

A few years later, the Clinton’s were special guests at Trump’s wedding.

bill trump wedding

The new photos prove that there was a time, not so long ago, when the Trump’s and the Clinton’s got along just fine.

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