We launched JimHeath.TV back in August to be a place for people to find fact-based political news.

Less than 90 days later, we have reached a real milestone –

Over 100,000 Views!

Thank You!

It’s an unreal accomplishment when you think of starting up a new political blog at a time when there are over 100 million websites on earth!

Speaking of that, today, for the first time, our Alexa Rank shows JimHeath.TV at 392,000 out of the 100 million websites.

That’s the first time we’ve cracked the top 400,000, and up from a million rank just 60 days ago!

We are still pushing upward!

With bigger showdowns between the incoming Democratic House and the Trump administration and Republicans, you can bet we will all be glued to politics in 2019 and 2020.

And our goal is to be here for you with always sourced, dependable, FACT NEWS!

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Anything you can do to help share Fact News is amazing! It’s all just spreading the word about the website.

Thank YOU again for your support of JimHeath.TV!

The Home of Fact News.

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