Navy Sailors readying for a visit from Vice President Pence were told to “clap like we’re at a strip club” for his arrival at the USS Harry S. Truman today.

The sailors were instructed on how to emphatically greet Pence by the ship’s senior enlisted sailor.

“We can confirm that this statement was made by USS Harry S. Truman’s Command Master Chief to Truman’s Sailors, prior to the arrival of the Vice President,” Lt. Cmdr. Laura Stegherr told CNN, adding that the “statement was inappropriate.”

Pence visited the ship in Norfolk, Va., today, where he announced that the administration was dropping plans to retire the aircraft carrier early.

“This issue is being addressed by Truman’s leadership,” Stegherr said in the statement.

According to WTKR-TV reporter Brendan Ponton, US Navy sailors toward the rear of the address were given a particular set of instructions in clapping for the veep.



Some on social media were quick to point out the applause Pence received.



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