Avengers: Endgame is heading for a stellar second weekend with an estimated $145 million domestically, topping the U.S. box office by an immense margin.

Yesterday, the Disney-Marvel movie upped its global box office to $1.915 billion, likely crossing $2 billion in ticket sales with today’s box office.

With its Friday North American earnings of $40.6 million, Endgame has crossed $500 million in domestic ticket sales, making it the 9th Disney film to do so.

The opening weekend for the Kevin Feige production has already smashed records, with a stunning $1.22 billion gross at the global box office that included a $357.1 million North American debut.

From Monday to Thursday of this week, Endgame has pulled in an astounding $562 million at the global box office.

The blockbuster also has a stupefying $1.4 billion in overseas grosses alone.

That puts it past Avengers: Infinity War’s $1.37 billion overseas total to be the third-biggest foreign grosser of all time.

It now sits behind only Titanic ($1.528 billion) and Avatar ($2.028 billion) and may pass Titanic’s overseas gross as soon as tomorrow.

And, barring another fluke, it should easily pass the $2.048 billion earned by  Avengers: Infinity War and the $2.068 billion cume of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Even if it doesn’t get past the $2.188 billion global gross of Titanic (counting the 2012 3-D reissue) by tomorrow, it will later next week.

After that, it’s just about getting as close as possible to Avatar’s $2 billion overseas total, Force Awakens’ $937 million domestic total and the $2.788 billion global total of Avatar for the biggest of big prizes.



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