Word is getting around about JimHeath.TV, thanks to you, and our viewership numbers are reflecting it!

In May, 2019 we enjoyed a nearly 350% increase in views, a really remarkable jump in the world on online blogs.

The below graph illustrates the complete domination of May versus the previous months, going back to last August.



You can also see how the previous four weeks increased from the months prior.



Helping to fuel the increase is the fan base for the Netflix show Lucifer.

Our article about star Tom Ellis becoming the next James Bond is now the most-read story in the history of our website!

[From Lucifer To 007 – Why Tom Ellis Will Be The Next James Bond]



There has also been a noticeable uptick in the interest in campaign news, as Election 2020 comes closer into view.

All of this means increased ad revenue for JimHeath.TV, and a chance to make more investments in our website to make it even better in the months and years to come.

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Our website is not Netflix or Amazon, but we clearly want to make a difference presenting Fact News as we head to 2020 and beyond.

Together, we are insisting that facts still matter!

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