Two of our favorite stars of Lucifer spent Thanksgiving week celebrating their birthdays, as the shows writers teased fans with an ominous tweet.

Black Friday shoppers may have been out in full force for Lauren German today, as she celebrated her big day.

German was born on November 29, 1978 in Huntington Beach, California.

@Lucifansgroup1 was among the first to wish her a Happy Birthday!



Not to be outdone, Aimee Garcia celebrated her birthday on Thursday – Thanksgiving Day.

She born exactly 24 hours before German on November 28, 1978 in Chicago, Illinois.

Think of that.

Two of our favorite stars from our favorite show born within a day of each other!

What are the odds?

@knight_vision made this awesome picture of Aimee as an angel in celebration:



Garcia’s young castmate Scarlett Estevez offered a cute birthday message too:


Speaking of Scarlett…

Both birthdays followed an ominous tweet from Lucifer’s Writers announcing that Episode 9 of Season 5 is called: “Trixie killed l.”

Now, no one really believes little Trixie is being killed off in the series, but the “l” has everyone guessing.



The writers were very clearly to add that little sliver of the “l” on the board.

It now has everyone guessing.

One Lucifan predicts the title is: “Trixie killed Lucifer,” after she beats our favorite devil at a board game.



That’s a pretty good guess!

There were some other really good responses as well:



The good news is we already have learned Lucifer Season 5 will give more screen time for Scarlet Estevez.

In an IG post this summer she wrote, “Most Lucifer + Trixie time to date.” In the same post, the 11-year-old shared a video of her and Tom Ellis (Lucifer) doing “jazz hands.”



Lucifer’s fifth and final season returns to Netflix next year.



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