Supporters of Donald Trump vote when he tells them to vote. And he’s been busy telling them to back his former short-lived press secretary Sean Spicer, despite the fact he can’t dance.

ABC Producers blocked half the country from being able to vote at the beginning of the season, and that has really helped Spicer and his southern base.

He is now favored to sail into the finale, thanks to the MAGA Trump base that he has been tapping into.

California and western states do not see DWTS live, thus cannot vote real time during the show.

Spicer has been busy giving interviews to right-wing talk shows and websites, asking Trump supporters to vote for him regardless of his dancing.

And they have.

Fans on Twitter have expressed their outrage, some threatening to abandon the show altogether.

“This isn’t funny. This isn’t cute. Whoever is voting for Sean Spicer, you are garbage,” wrote fan Kaitlin Sigmon.

Other responses were similar:

















Spicer gave yet another interview to a far-right website last week encouraging conservatives and Trump supporters to vote for him, regardless of his dancing.

Spicer, who lied his way through press conferences with deliberate false statements, has managed to cultivate enough Republican/conservative/Trump votes this season to survive eight weeks, despite being a clod on the dance floor.

It’s embarrassing for the show, and is unfortunately coming at a cost.

Ratings are down from last year (when they were down from the season before) and viewership has dropped this season from 8 million to 6.2 million.

This could be it DWTS fans.


The judges show their displeasure as Sean Spicer turns the dance show into a political one.


The trouble started this summer when producers decided to cast Spicer, who has been widely ridiculed for his short stint as Trump’s mouthpiece.

Host Tom Bergeron took to social media to complain about the decision.

Bergeron wrote how he hoped the new season “would be a joyful respite from our exhausting political climate and free of inevitably divisive bookings from ANY party affiliations.”

He described how he met with “DWTS” new executive producer (Andrew Llinares) to make his feelings known and he left their lunch “convinced we were in agreement.”

“Subsequently (and rather obviously),” Bergeron wrote, “a decision was made to, as we often say in Hollywood, ‘go in a different direction.’”



“We can all agree to disagree, as we do now, but ultimately it’s their call,” he continued. “I’ll leave it to them to answer any further questions about those decisions.”

Bergeron’s gut that Spicer’s involvement was going to get worse turned out to be correct.

In response to the casting, Trump picked up the mantle for Spicer, tweeting that his supporters should vote for him, without even watching him dance.



Spicer tweeted his thanks with instructions on how viewers can cast votes.



Donald Trump, Jr. also joined his father in pushing Spicer.

“Every MAGA supporter in the country needs to get out the vote for Spicer because nothing would drive liberal Hollywood or the left-wing media more crazy than Sean salsa dancing his way to a victory on Dancing with the Stars,” Trump Jr. said in an interview.

Right-wing former Gov. Mike Huckabee, who is now a host on a religious channel, told his followers to get involved:

Spicer has received backing not just from Trump and Republicans, but alt-right publications like Breitbart News.

Spicer told the controversial website yesterday that he hopes his presence on Dancing with the Stars is continuing to send a powerful message to members of the “intolerant left” – that conservatives are “equal participants” and “cannot be canceled out.”

“I really appreciate the support of Breitbart Nation, the listeners here on the Patriot Channel and obviously the readers,” Spicer told the website that flirts with white nationalist views.

Earlier this month, former DWTS champ Adam Rippon ripped the shows producers for casting the controversial former Trump mouthpiece.

[READ: Former DWTS Champ Adam Rippon Rips Show For Including Spicer]

The voting system DTWS is using this season has directly benefited Spicer and Republicans, as votes only from the south and eastern states are taken live.

Californians, who live in the largest state in the country and are much more likely to oppose Trump and Spicer, are left out of the voting.


Spicer has said it’s not about dancing, but about politics.


It is a truly rigged show, without Spicer needing any help from the Russians.

Spicer told USA Today there’s no question a “huge” amount of his votes come from Trump supporters.

Trump has more than 65 million Twitter followers, which DWTS producers banked they could tap into.

Spicer has made his appearance all about politics, launching the “Spicer Arnold 2019” website, dedicated to himself.

“This fall, let’s finally vote for someone who represents people like us,” an announcer intones in an election-style ad, “Paid for by the Spicey Committee.”

While social media has been in an uproar for weeks about Spicer’s longevity on the dance show, it’s clear he has a shot to make it to the end.

And that could mark the very end of the series on ABC.


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