During an ongoing pandemic and an unsteady president, JimHeath.TV has become a credible source of ‘fact news’ for a growing number of subscribers.

Today, we reached 2 million views, a milestone for our independent website.

Our selection of election stories, and the aftermath, has led to even more interest in daily news coverage.

In addition to daily political stories, JimHeath.TV has increased the number of exclusive interviews, and soon will launch programming on YouTube.


“We didn’t know where we would fit in the online world when we started a couple years ago,” said Jim Heath. “But we’re finding our niche just in time for what promises to be an interesting post-Trump era.”


JimHeath.TV updates images and videos, along with content with newly discovered information, on a daily basis.

In addition, we will soon launch new programming on the JimHeathChannel on YouTube, which already has 45,000 subscribers.


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