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Cody Calafiore is back on TV, sort of.

The Big Brother All Star winner has started a new channel on Twitch.

His online gaming habit was something Calafiore discussed inside the BB House, and winning the $500,000 prize has apparently given him the financial freedom to take it to another level.

During his first month, Calafiore has spent a lot of time playing Call of Duty with friends online.

But his biggest channel views have come from his fan chats.

Often using the phrase ‘let’s go’ and referring to his fans (both men and women) as ‘bros,’ Calafiore discusses everything from his favorite alcohol (wine at home, vodka soda when out), to the sex doll he bought for a family Christmas game (‘no one wanted my present’), to his two seasons on Big Brother (“I feel like, the first season people were like, ‘I like him’ but the second season ‘you were savage!'”)

There are also regular appearances by his down-to-earth girlfriend Cristie, and a variety of impressions, including his amusing take of former BB contestant ‘Johnny Mac’ McGuire.

Don’t expect to watch without having a good time.

Calafiore isn’t the first Big Brother personality to turn gaming into a career.

BB10 winner and fan favorite Dan Gheesling has had a presence on Twitch for nine years, with a following of slightly more than 93,000.

But while the self-described conservative emphasizes “clean, positive” rated G entertainment on his channel, Calafiore takes it up to rated R, letting the colorful content and language fly.

Cody’s Twitch profile states: ‘Big Brother All Star & Professional Gamer (in my mind) here to have a good time!’



In his first month, Cody’s brother Paulie has made an appearance.

No stranger to reality TV, Paulie Calafiore also competed in BB18, and was a finalist on MTV’s Final Reckoning and War of the Worlds 2.



Despite his own questionable game moves inside the BB House, Paulie wasted no time trashing All Star players Kevin Campbell and David Alexander stating, ‘they fucking sucked. In my opinion didn’t deserve to be All Stars.’

Alexander had been eliminated the previous season during the first episode, but Campbell placed third on BB11.

Cody Calafiore was the runner-up on BB16, and won the 22nd season of Big Brother, defeating his fellow New Jerseyan Enzo Palumbo.

He was awarded all nine jury votes — a feat that was accomplished only once before by Gheesling.



Calafiore’s natural made-for-broadcasting personality will no doubt result in his channel going from its current 1.8 thousand followers to giving Gheesling a run for his money by the end of the year.

If he can avoid wading into political discussions with toxic right-wing opinions (like Dave Portnoy, who has a history of ugly remarks on sexual assault and race prevalent during the Trump era) he’ll become one of the most popular overall personalities online.

Top-tier channels, like Gheesling’s, get partnered with Twitch, which Calafiore says is his goal.

That could mean he can ride his $500K reality TV earnings into a nice living as a professional gamer (not just in his mind).

Sure beats selling real estate for a living.


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