Like A Banana Republic Dictator, Trump Plans To FIRE Heads Of CIA, FBI & Defense

If President Trump wins re-election, he'll move to immediately fire FBI Director Christopher Wray and also expects to replace CIA Director Gina Haspel and Defense Secretary Mark Esper. Axios reports the list of planned replacements is much longer according to two...

One Year Ago Today Biden WARNED Trump We Weren’t ‘Prepared For A Pandemic’

A tweet sent by Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden warning about a pandemic was trending on Twitter today, the one-year anniversary of the post. “We are not prepared for a pandemic,” Biden tweeted on Oct. 25, 2019, saying the country needs leadership that...

WATCH: Brad Pitt Calls Biden ‘A President For All Americans’ – Ad Aired During World Series

Actor Brad Pitt narrated a new campaign ad for Democratic candidate Joe Biden that aired during the World Series game last night. In the commercial, a montage of clips show Biden meeting with supporters and standing on a stage with wife Dr. Jill Biden while on the...

Florida, Georgia, North Carolina – ALL Trump States – UP FOR GRABS

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and President Trump are essentially tied in traditionally Republican Texas, with just nine days until the election. Three southern battlegrounds in the presidential contest remain up for grabs just a little over a week before...

STUDY: Universal Mask Use Could SAVE 130,000 U.S. Lives By End Of February

Back in April, President Trump picked out a single computer model of coronavirus spread as his oracle of choice. Unsurprisingly, that simulation initially had rosier estimates than other algorithms, projecting many fewer Covid-19 deaths — and its unconventional...

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