IMPEACHMENT TRIAL: GOP Senators Vote AGAINST Subpoenaing White House For Ukraine Documents

Democrats lost the first round in President Trump's impeachment trial when the Senate voted down attempts by Sen. Chuck Schumer to subpoena a cache of documents from the White House regarding the Ukraine. Lawmakers tabled Schumer's three amendments on a strict party...

Broccoli Says James Bond WILL Remain Male – Could Tom Ellis Transition From Lucifer To 007?

Barbara Broccoli continues to hold an iron grip on the James Bond franchise, and she made it clear in a new interview that the next 007, following Daniel Craig, will be a male. Not a woman as had been widely rumored. Thanks to a highly unique deal, the Broccolis have...

Clinton Unleashes On Sanders: “Nobody Likes Him, Nobody Wants To Work With Him”

Four years since their rough Democratic primary battle, Hillary Clinton has not let up on her criticism of Sen. Bernie Sanders. Clinton, the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, says of Sanders in a new documentary that "nobody likes him." "He was in Congress for...

VIRGINIA: White Supremacists & Militia Members Arrive To Rally On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

A gun-rights rally in Virginia is expected to draw a mix of militias, firearms advocates and white supremacists to Richmond on Monday - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - as the state's capital remained on high alert today. Many residents in the city are said to fear a...

CBS Pulls Plug On Celebrity Big Brother – Julie Chen Moonves Back Again For Summer Season

If you’re waiting for a third season of “Celebrity Big Brother” in the coming weeks, you can forget it. CBS has confirmed there are no plans for a Season 3 of the winter spinoff series. The good news for fans? The summer edition of the popular yet controversial...
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