While Trump Is Planning 4th Of July Event He Still Owes DC $7 Million For Inauguration

President Trump’s speech at the Lincoln Memorial on the Fourth of July is expected to drive up security costs for an annual event that draws hundreds of thousands of visitors to the nation’s capital. But Trump has still not fully paid the bill for the last time he...

PANDAS! World’s First Set Of Twins Born To Wild Dad & Captive Mom Enjoy Bamboo At 10 Months

Baby pandas are rare to come by, and these two twin cubs are even more special. He He and Mei Mei are the world's first set of panda twins that have one parent from the wild and one parent in captivity. Born at a panda base in south-western China's Wolong last July,...

Indonesian Billionaire Buys Trumps Beverly Hills Home For Millions – Gov’t Ethics Experts Concerned

President Trump’s company has quietly sold one of his last remaining properties in California — a 5,400-square-foot Beverly Hills mansion that county records show was purchased by a corporate entity linked to an Indonesian billionaire and Trump business partner. A...

On 25th Anniversary Of Nicole & Ron’s Murders, O.J. Tweets “I’ve Got A Little Getting Even To Do”

O.J. Simpson announced his arrival on Twitter today - the 25th anniversary of the murder of his wife - telling followers 'I've got a little getting even to do.' The former NFL star who was accused of the brutal murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her...

Franklin Graham: “I Think God Was Behind The Last Election”

Evangelist Franklin Graham claims in a new interview that divine intervention might be the reason President Trump won in 2016. “I think God was behind the last election,” Graham told conservative news site The Western Journal, The outspoken Trump supporter praised the...
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