Election ’18 Will Be Remembered As The “Year Of The Woman”

Nearly two years after women spilled out into the streets of Washington and in cities across the country in defiance of the inauguration of President Trump, the nation is sending more women than ever before to the House. The record number of women who will be members...

Flake Opposing All Trump Judicial Nominees Until Mueller Bill Gets Vote

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) is going out with a bang. He announced today that he will oppose all of President Trump's judicial nominations until legislation protecting special counsel Robert Mueller gets a vote. "I have informed the majority leader I will not vote to...

Trump’s Latest Doozy – Americans Need ID To Buy Cereal

President Trump makes stuff up. He's like that guy at a party who just becomes so ridiculous that you chuckle about it for days. Except, of course, Trump is the President of the United States. In an interview with the Daily Caller today, Trump claimed people commit...

Trump Forgets Hindus When Tweeting About Hindu Holiday

President Trump left Hindus off a tweet intended to celebrate a Hindu holiday. You just can't make this stuff up. Trump tweeted a collection of photographs, of the White House’s celebration of Diwali, a five-day festival common to a number of Southeast Asian religion...

A New GOP Leader In The House – Kevin McCarthy Will Lead Minority Party

When Paul Ryan exists Congress in January, Rep. Kevin McCarthy will replace him. Not as Speaker, but as the House minority leader. The California Republican was elected during a closed-door meeting of Republicans today. The vote was 159-43. McCarthy had faced a...
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