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Covering Mitt

Join longtime political reporter Jim Heath as he takes us behind the scenes of Romney’s 2008 primary campaign in South Carolina, and his 2012 general election campaign in Ohio. Heath made national news following an interview with Romney in Columbus, and he takes us inside the social media firestorm it created. After you read this timely book you’ll conclude that love him or hate him, Mitt Romney is one of the most fascinating public servants of our time.

How The South Turned Red

Democrats used to rule the south, winning elections at the local, state and federal level. But today it’s the most Republican region of the country. How did this political realignment happen? Journalist Jim Heath gives us an overview, focused on South Carolina’s former Sen. Strom Thurmond. If you’ve ever wondered how the South turned Red, this is your book!

Front Row Seat at the Circus

“Electing a president HAS turned into a political circus and nobody captures it better than Jim Heath. From his vantage points in South Carolina and Ohio, which are ground zero in presidential campaigns, Jim provides amazing insights and remarkable stories. This is a ‘must-read’ for anyone interested in the sport (or circus) of politics.” – Steve Scully, Political Editor, C-SPAN Networks, Past President White House Correspondents’ Association

Mylo the Panda Travels to Washington D.C.

Mylo has just arrived in Washington, D.C. to learn all about how America became the colorful culture it’s known for today. But in an age of arguing and bullying, will this international traveler be able to see what truly makes it the land of the free and home of the brave?

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