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ANSWERED: Why Rachel Harris Canceled LUCIFER Convention Appearance Last Weekend

Questions were swirling last week after Rachel Harris abruptly canceled her long scheduled appearance at the Lucifer fan convention. The very personal answer is that she was preparing to file for divorce from her husband, Christian Hebel. Harris, who plays Lucifer...

TOM ELLIS On Singing, Eye Liner, World Peace & The Inevitable Last Day Of Lucifer

Lucifer star Tom Ellis got a little emotional today in sharing his thoughts about a show that brought hundreds of people together for a fan convention in Los Angeles. During his appearance at the Lucifer Convention, Ellis paused as he thought ahead to the filming of...

Lucifer CONVENTION – Day 1 Features A Trio Of Favorites – Is Archangel Michael Coming To S5?

A trio of Lucifer's top stars told audiences today that Season 5 of the show could have plenty of twists and turns, and the upcoming final season would be a "love letter" to fans. D.B. Woodside (Amenadiel), Lesley-Ann Brandt (Mazikeen) and Aimee Garcia (Ella Lopez)...

Rachel Harris CANCELS Appearance At Lucifer Convention – But Inbar Lavi Will Appear In Her Place

As the first Lucifer convention gets underway in Los Angeles, Rachael Harris has canceled her appearance due to personal reasons. While she hasn't posted yet on social media, Creation Entertainment made the announcement on their website late today. But there is some...

Lucifer’s Cast & Crew Were Going To Get Wing Tattoos – Two Did! Guess Who?

At the wrap of Season 4, the cast and crew of Lucifer discussed getting wing tattoos in celebration of being part of a terrific series. Today, two of the cast members did just that. Lesley-Ann Brandt tweeted: "The cast and show runners was suppose to get their wing...

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