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Social Media Saved Lucifer, Now Tom Ellis Is Abandoning Twitter – ‘We Don’t Accept Bullies’

When Fox canceled Lucifer in 2018, diehard fans took to social media to wage an overnight campaign to save the series. Within hours of the news, Lucifer himself, Tom Ellis took to Twitter, asking the fans of the show to rally together and tweet #SaveLucifer to get the...

WATCH: Lucifer S4 Blooper Reel PLUS Lucifer Covers QUEEN In Upcoming Episode

The King of Hell will mix it up with Queen in the second half of Lucifer's fifth season. Today, Lucifer showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson lifted the curtain on a special sneak peek at season 5's 10th episode titled "Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam," a.k.a. the...

CONFIRMED: Lucifer’s Final Season Will Be 10 – Not 8 or 16 – Episodes

The amazing D.B. Woodside has corrected earlier reports that Season 6 of Lucifer would be only 8 episodes. Some media organizations incorrectly reported that the final season of popular Netflix show would be half the number of Season 5 (which will...

Lucifer Now Has His Own EMOJI – In Dark Mode It’s REALLY Devilish

Hello detective. Lucifer now has his own emoji on Twitter! The most popular devil on TV can now be used to express some Lucifun on social media. The @Lucifer account proudly displayed the new feature in a tweet today: "Your favorite devil is now an emoji. Use in dark...

That Time My Mom Turned 85 & Thousands Of #Lucifans Wished Her Happy Birthday

My mom, Doris Heath, recently turned 85 years young (something that doesn't happen everyday) and announced she was going to binge watch the new season of her favorite show Lucifer to celebrate. After we posted a picture of her on social media, thousands of fans of the...

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