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‘Michael’ Takes Over Lucifer’s Netflix Twitter Account & It’s HILARIOUS

Lucifer's twin brother Michael Demiurgos is already wreaking havoc here on earth. Earlier today, he hacked the official @LuciferNetflix twitter account and started posting hilarious messages. Writing always in ALL CAPS, Michael started: "THIS IS NOW A MICHAEL STAN...

WATCH: Tom Ellis Playing Lucifer’s Twin Michael – Netflix Releases AMAZING Trailer

As if Tom Ellis didn't have enough to do, now he's playing Lucifer's twin. That's right. Our favorite devil returns from Hell - sortof - as Michael. That's just one of the juicy things we learn from the first trailer for the upcoming season 5. Michael, played by Ellis...

Lucifer’s Rachel Harris Teases Something “Massive” Is Coming Monday – Tom Ellis Responds

Lucifer fans should prepare for a "massive" reveal on Monday. Star Rachael Harris teased that a 'massive' reveal is coming soon at the start of next week. The question now is what, exactly, she is referring to? [READ: Tom Ellis Playing Lucifer's Twin Michael - Check...

Karaoke With Lucifer’s Tom Ellis Has Now Raised Over $10K – Are You In?

The Tom Ellis karaoke fundraiser has hit a milestone, over $10,000 raised with a little more than two weeks to go! The Lucifer star is promoting a Karaoke Session with a lucky winning fan, and it's all for a great cause. "I don't know about you but I cannot wait to go...

Woodside Announces He’ll Direct Season 6 Episode Of Lucifer – Ellis: “Yes, Brother. Utterly Delighted!”

Lucifer showrunner Ildy Modrovich has revealed production on season six of Lucifer has started, and now two of the biggest stars have added to the excitement. Netflix earlier this summer confirmed the show had been renewed for a sixth and final season. Ildy teased...

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