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Lucifer’s Tom Ellis Warns Fans Of Scams: ‘Use Your Own Common Sense On Internet’

Fans of Tom Ellis are being scammed, and everyone's favorite devil is concerned about it. The Lucifer star took to Instagram today to warn fans that he does not communicate personally from his social media accounts. Ellis advised fans to be careful after some had been...

Lucifer’s Upcoming Episode ‘My Best Fiend’ Is NOT A Devilish Spelling Error

It's looks like a devil of a typo, but in reality it's a perfect word. The upcoming episode 607 of Lucifer is titled: My Best Fiend. At first, some fans thought 'fiend' was misspelled and should have been 'friend.' Many had been guessing online what the word was going...

From Cat Hater To Lover, Tom Ellis Auctions Off Zoom Call For His Feline Friends

Lucifer's Tom Ellis is spending the holidays raising some serious cash for his 'favorite animal charity.' Ellis tweeted fans last week, “If you fancy a chat and want to help raise money for my favorite animal charity @KittCrusaders then click the link below!”.  ...

For Lucifans – The BEST Lucifer-Jesus Joke For The Holidays!

It's a joke Lucifans will truly love, featuring Jesus, God and the devil himself. And just in time for the holidays! It goes like this: Jesus and Lucifer were having an on-going argument about who was better on the computer. They had been going at it for days, and...

Dionne Warwick Is Watching Lucifer & Hilariously Tweeting Other Big Stars

Music legend Dionne Warwick has been on a Twitter tear for the last few days as she has taken her hysterical musings to social media, ending with a plug for the hit series Lucifer. Warwick spent the weekend engaging with a handful of A-list superstars including Taylor...

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