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From its opening at the Ohio Statehouse to its ending on the steps of the Capitol building as President Obama is sworn in for his second term, Front Row Seat at the Circus: One Journalist’s Journey through two Presidential Elections is a political journey as diverse as the cast of characters it covers.

Written by Emmy award-winning political journalist Jim Heath, this memoir-come-ringside-seat at the political “circus” is likely to entice a broad audience, from amateurs to hard-core politicos alike. Mr. Heath’s no-holds-barred approach to the inside lives of the candidates is bold and courageous, and his unbiased political straight-talk is both refreshing and informative.

Front Row Seat at the Circus begins with the author’s realization during an interview that he has been face-to-face with every single modern-day presidential candidate. Using this background, Mr. Heath offers his readers a rare glance into the harried, cutthroat, and often downright circus-like world of politics, specifically the race to the White House.

The first part of the book focuses on the author’s experience as a political correspondent in the Palmetto State; South Carolina. Here, the reader will learn intimate details about the campaigns of several top Democratic candidates, including Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton (who is much more personable than the media projects), John Edwards (who by all measures was a moral and political failure), and of course, Barack Obama and his famous eight-minute interview.

The second part takes a look at the unique state of Ohio, home of the Buckeyes, and the author’s beloved home state as well. Here, Mr. Heath states that “No Republicanhas ever been elected president without winning Ohio,” and he provides compelling examples of just how critical Ohio is for these candidates. To win Ohio is to win the White House, and these career politicians will
stop at nothing to win the affection of Ohio’s populace!

In addition to politicians, Front Row Seat at the Circus touches on a wide variety of today’s hot-button issues, including gun control, gay marriage, and legalization of marijuana. Mr. Heath effortlessly weaves these elements into his exciting debut book, and includes some humorous tales from his many years of television broadcasting (what exactly IS a code 11?). The
stories he shares don’t read like an ordinary textbook.

This is a personal story with behind-the-scenes access to the politicians who want to run our country and the news business that can make or break them!

What will be the future of this political circus?

The 2016 election promises to be more exciting than ever, especially now that Donald Trump has thrown his hat into the ring! Have you ever wondered what it’s like to cover presidential elections and have access to the candidates who want to lead the free world? This is your ticket for a Front Row Seat at the Circus!

Christin Perry is a freelance writer and editor specializing in the lifestyle genre. She has been writing for Verywell since October of 2018.

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