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The final GOP presidential debate before Monday’s Iowa Caucus was held tonight. Here are my THREE TAKES.

1) Donald Trump didn’t lose any of his supporters by not attending the
debate, but he didn’t gain any support either. If I’m an undecided Iowan
I doubt his refusal to stand on a stage next to his opponents and
debate real issues played real well.

2) In the contest for the establishment support in New Hampshire – between Bush, Christie, Kasich and Rubio – I thought
Jeb! won by a nose. It was his best debate by far, especially without
Trump there picking on him. Watch this group of four closely because the
one who does best in New Hampshire will emerge as the alternative to
Trump-Ted Cruz.

3) Cruz
took a lot of heat from the Fox questioners and his opponents and at
times he seemed weakened by it. That said, I predict Cruz will win Iowa
following in the footsteps of Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee.BONUS 4) Rand Paul had an awful response to why his dads supporters
don’t strongly back him. I don’t think he’ll do well on Monday. Ben
Carson is just a few weeks away from dropping out and endorsing Cruz.

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