Donald Trump has now proven he can win across the country
from the Northeast to the South to the Mountain West. He has won in the
GOP field with evangelicals, Independents and Latinos. According to
polls he is gaining momentum in big states and small with Super Tuesday
coming up. His delegate count is also growing. It appears more and more
likely he will soon lead the national Republican Party. The strange
thing is I’ve met many Republicans who say they would never vote for him. The reality for them must be especially difficult.

With that said it will be fascinating to see establishment Republicans
(at the national, state and local levels) jump on the Trump bandwagon.
All of the things said about him for the last six months will be buried.
The billionaire reality TV guy will also need his allies like Fox News
and the National Review (remember the recent issue with all those conservatives blasting him) on his side. Their turnaround will also be
fascinating to witness.

Trump will need to win Ohio, Florida and
Virginia to reach 270 electoral votes. It is hard to imagine him getting
fifty percent of the vote in any of those states – especially Ohio
which I have covered. What we know is that unlike Reagan, who inspired
our “better angels”, Trump will run a scorched-earth campaign. And he’s
proving anything is possible.

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