Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, called conservative Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields “delusional” when she accused him of grabbing her arm and bruising her wrists.

Then we went to the tape.

1603291543-Trump-campaign-manager-Corey-Lewandowski-arrestedSurveillance footage shows Lewandowski approaching Fields and grabbing her as she was asking Trump about judges and affirmative action.

Lewandowski denied it despite the video evidence and Washington Post reporter Ben Terris claiming he witnessed everything.

Fields later posted this picture of finger-shaped bruises on her arm.

Fields pressed charges against Lewandowski and today he was charged with battery in Florida. He says he is not guilty.

Trump responded by defending Lewandowski:

Then he went on a rampage, tweeting out a series of comments attacking Fields.

What is in her hand, incidentally, is called a pen. It’s what reporters use to write.

Fields has called Trump a liar, resigned from Breitbart (which shamelessly backs Trump and has supported Lewandowski in all of this.)

The fact that this incident involves a conservative website reporter – a website that has strongly backed Trump from the beginning – says a lot. No blaming the “liberal media” for this one.

This story should make Americans stop and think. Had Lewandowski, and Trump the candidate, simply apologized for the minor incident, many of us would have moved on.

But there is something in Trump and his minions that cannot ever admit a wrong.

Even when it is caught on tape.

Is it really a good idea for a possible President of the United States to defend thug-like behavior and then threaten lawsuits (as he has done here) on the victims?

It’s a bit surreal.


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