After Tuesday, Ted Cruz may have to pack up his basketball ring and head back to Texas. If he can’t win in heavily evangelical Indiana his chances of being the Republican nominee are zero.

By the way, who calls a basketball hoop a ring? Seriously?

Cruz, the southern regional candidate who lost most of the southern states to Donald Trump, picked Carly Fiorina as his running-mate earlier this week. The two of them together are arguably the weakest national ticket since Mondale-Ferraro in 1984. (Mondale lost 49 states)

A new American Research Group poll finds likely Republican voters in Indiana favor Trump by a nine-point margin, 41 percent to 32 percent. John Kasich, who has packed up and left the state, has 21 percent.


Legendary Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight is stumping for Trump and on Cruz he told voters, “A guy that would come into this state and think that we played with rings instead of baskets is not a guy that’s very well prepared to do a whole hell of a lot.”

We should probably call the game right there.

Indiana is a last stand for Cruz and Kasich who have been attempting to prevent Trump from hitting 1,237 pledged delegates and clinching the GOP nomination on the first ballot.

Trump currently has 991 delegates and, by my calculations, could hit the magic number with a big win in California in June.


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