A new ad running in New York ahead of the April 18th primary by John Kasich’s Super PAC has everyone asking, “John Kasich still has a Super PAC?!”


Even though Kasich needs 122 percent of the remaining delegates to be the nominee, he is still in the race and hoping to finish a “respectable” second to Donald Trump in certain very blue New York congressional districts.

The ad isn’t bad. It reminds New Yorkers of what they already know: Ted Cruz is not a Yankee.


The Kasich campaign also released another new ad today pointing to polls showing Kasich defeating Hillary Clinton in November. But it looks like it was put together in thirty minutes and probably won’t have much impact on New York voters.

A poll released earlier this week shows Trump with over fifty percent of likely GOP primary voters. If he stays at the level he could win most of New York’s 95 delegates.

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