Arizona. The Grand Canyon State. Land of Barry Goldwater. Where birds have to fly, fish have to swim, and Republicans have to win in presidential elections.

But in this election year it’s clear Goldwater, the “father” of modern conservatism, would have told the billionaire Democrat turned Independent turned Republican to take a hike.

Goldwater would have probably endorsed the “Goldwater Girl.” And he’s not alone.

Hillary Clinton now leads Donald Trump among Arizona voters by seven points, 42 percent to 35 percent according to a Rocky Mountain Poll.

That’s pretty amazing considering the last Democrat to win Arizona was twenty years ago – Bill Clinton in 1996.

The poll finds Trump getting trounced with about every part of the Arizona electorate. He attracts only 28 percent of the women’s vote, 27 percent of Independents and less than 25 percent of Hispanics and African Americans.

He’s still the choice among white men with incomes above $100,000. So there’s that.

What will be most troubling to Republicans is the fact Clinton is dominating Trump among younger voters 50 percent to 30 percent. If this election attracts a higher voter turnout, as expected, that edge could boost Clinton to a statewide victory.

Watch the electoral map closely in the coming months. If Arizona tips to Clinton that’s an indication that she’ll win the presidency by a landslide.

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