Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz will win Wisconsin.

And it won’t matter one bit.

The Sanders campaign has all but admitted moving forward they are toast. According to the New York Times, the campaign is already analyzing where it went wrong. From too little campaigning last year to not hitting Hillary Clinton hard enough on her weaknesses. The fact is this: Clinton is going to blow Sanders away in New York and California and that, as they say, will be that.

For Cruz a victory in Wisconsin means making it tougher for Trump to hit the magic delegate number of 1,237 before arriving in Cleveland. Good job on that. But no one outside of Cruz world actually believes an open convention will turn to him. The right-wing southern candidate who lost most of the south to Trump? He’s unelectable in November and a majority of the GOP delegates know it.

So, while the Badger State may provide 24 hours of positive spin for both Sanders and Cruz, the spin will be short lived. Their campaigns are effectively over whether Wisconsin agrees or not.

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