Another day and more evidence that women, who make up over half of the electorate come November, hate The Donald.

Gallup reports: “Donald Trump’s image among U.S. women tilts strongly negative, with 70% of women holding an unfavorable opinion and 23% a favorable opinion of the Republican front-runner in March. Trump’s unfavorable rating among women has been high since Gallup began tracking it last July, but after rising slightly last fall, it has increased even further since January.”

Here we can see how Trump is doing with women:


Is it any surprise? For months Trump has:

  • Belittled Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly
  • Made fun of Carly Fiorina’s face
  • Used a sexually derogatory term regarding Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign
  • Defended his campaign manager who is facing a battery charge for grabbing a female reporter
  • Threatened to “spill the beans” on Ted Cruz’s wife
  • Suggested women should be punished for having an abortion

“Trump’s ‘woman problem’ has come into sharper focus this week with his latest high-visibility comments about women and abortion. It is too early to measure what effect those comments may be having on his image. But even before these remarks, fewer than one in four women viewed him favorably, suggesting he may already be down to a core of rock-hard supporters whose opinions aren’t likely to change.”

If Trump is the Republican nominee, and that unfavorable rating with women holds, he cannot win battleground states and reach 270 electoral votes.

The GOP has a severely flawed front-runner on its hands.



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