Last week in Cleveland, former Republican presidents and past nominees may have been largely absent, but in Philadelphia this week, Democrats will pull from their very deep bench. Tonight their convention starts in prime-time with a bang.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the Keynote Speaker and progressive favorite, will attempt to eviscerate Donald Trump by using his own words against him. Warren has engaged Trump on twitter calling him “reckless” and a “two bit dictator.”

Next, Sen. Bernie Sanders, who gave Hillary Clinton an unexpected competitive race throughout the primary campaign, will encourage his passionate progressive supporters to get behind the Democratic ticket. But he’ll also do it at the expense of Trump, who he says is a running a campaign of “bigotry and divisiveness.” Despite an email leak over the weekend that confirmed members of the Democratic National Convention had been working against him during the primaries, Sanders said Sunday his focus remains on defeating Trump in November.

Then, First Lady Michelle Obama will speak about Hillary Clinton in personal terms, examining her life of public service, and accomplishments as President Obama’s Secretary of State. She’ll also send a message to the African American community that they need to rally behind Clinton as they did for her husband.

Also speaking tonight, Sen. Cory Booker, and Rep. Joe Kennedy.

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, an independent, will endorse Clinton in prime-time calling her the best choice for moderate voters in 2016.

If you thought Rudy Giuliani delivered the red meat for Republicans last week, expect much more blood from Sanders and Warren tonight.

Someone had better keep a close eye on Trump, because after this first night is through, his fingers could be raw from firing off so many tweets.

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