If you’re one of those voters who believes Hillary Clinton has killed 90 people, is worth billions of shady dollars, and hangs around with Lucifer, it’s probably not a stretch you can believe she is the mastermind behind Donald Trump, America’s Manchurian candidate.

C’mon, the signals are all there!

Trump says his idols are Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin. Isn’t that really all you need to know?

He’s created this midnight portrait of America where there are Muslims about to jump out of the bushes, Mexicans about to rape you, and a scared out-of-their-mind citizenry that only he, and he alone, can save.

For a year Donald Trump has done nothing except insult minorities, women, our allies, his fellow Republicans, POW’s and Gold Star families.

And believing he is invincible, thanks to all that mind control, he has actually said:

I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose votes!”

Really, who says that?!

Are there any alarm bells going off in your head yet? Donald Trump likes dictators and insulting people. Did we all forget he’s a billionaire reality TV host?

At any moment it’s like Trump will walk out on stage, tell America they’ve been punk’d, and do a mic drop.

If Hillary Clinton is the most evil woman to have ever lived, who’s to say she couldn’t have run her own horse in the GOP race?

Think of it: A mass murdering billionaire Lucifer lover who planted Donald Trump as her opponent?

Spread the word conspiracy lovers. Maybe Hillary is just that good.

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