He may have embarrassed his nation at the Olympics, and lost four major corporate sponsorships in response, but that won’t stop a failing reality TV show from inviting Ryan Lochte to appear on its upcoming season.

That’s right. Piss (literally) all over a business, destroy property, and then blame Rio for holding a gun to your head, and two weeks later, after you admit you were drunk out of your mind and lied to the world, get rewarded with a check from ABC television.

Only in America.

Before Lochte’s suspension from U.S.A. swimming is even announced, there is Dancing with the Stars giving Lochte a new platform, proving television ethics is completely gone and now just ratings (cash) based.

Everyone is entitled to forgiveness and a second chance, but that usually happens after a penalty has been paid. Lochte isn’t there yet.

Don’t tell ABC that. They have cheap ratings to score and a cash register to worry about.

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