Donald Trump, who has never been vetted in a political campaign, is learning the hard way that those nasty and lewd conversations you’ve had through the years can have a devastating effect with voters.

With 28 days to until the election, a new NBC/WSJ poll finds Clinton ahead of Trump nationally by double digits:

  • Hillary Clinton 46%
  • Donald Trump 35%
  • Gary Johnson 9%
  • Jill Stein 3%

Nearly half of the respondents said they prefer Democrats running Congress next year over Republicans:

  • 49% prefer Democrats control Congress
  • 42% prefer Republicans control Congress

Clinton spent the day in battleground Ohio where she and Trump are running close. Ohio is a must-win state for the billionaire. She also received some good news in Florida where a judge told Republican Gov. Rick Scott to extend the voter registration deadline by a day following Hurricane Matthew.

House Speaker Paul Ryan announced today that he will no longer campaign for Trump or defend any of his comments. Trump spent the day campaigning in Pennsylvania where polls showed him behind Clinton before his lewd comments were released.

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