Four years ago, the New York Daily News endorsed Republican nominee Mitt Romney for president. The editorial writers complained that the economy was in bad shape, and that President Barack Obama had “presided over paralysis.”

What a difference four years makes.

The Daily News, with the headline “News To America: Bury Trump In A Landslide,” just devoted six full pages on why they believe this years GOP nominee, Donald Trump, is unfit to lead America.


The Daily News, in a remarkable special endorsement spread in the paper, blasted Trump for being a “liar, thief, bully, hypocrite, sexual victimizer and unhinged, self-adoring demagogue.”

It said their editorial board usually tries to find the presidential candidate “who can brighten the futures of Americans” and never before had they questioned a candidate’s fitness to serve.

“Then came Donald Trump.”

The Daily News has covered Trump’s career in Manhattan for years, and few were surprised at the negative tone of the criticism.

“Herewith, we fervently pray, is the political obituary of Donald Trump and all that he stands for,” said the editorial which then launched into a 14 chapter case of why Trump should not only lose the election, but lose in a landslide.

  1. Trump the demagogue
  2. Trump the fraudster
  3. Trump the head case
  4. Trump the fake philanthropist
  5. Trump the liar
  6. Trump the flip-flopper
  7. Trump the ignoramus
  8. Trump the conspiracy theorist
  9. Trump the tax evader
  10. Trump the divider
  11. Trump the authoritarian
  12. Trump the security risk
  13. Trump the misogynist
  14. Trump the enemy of democracy

The six page editorial concludes, “Donald Trump is ending his campaign in an ever more inflammatory and destructive assault on American democracy. The end of his presidential dreams must come under an avalanche of anti-Trump votes on Nov. 8.”

The Daily News joins about every other major newspaper in America in endorsing Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Conservative editorial boards, including the Omaha World-Herald, Birmingham News, San Diego Union-Tribune, Arizona Republic, Dallas Morning News, Cincinnati Enquirer, Columbus Dispatch, Houston Chronicle and Salt Lake Tribune have been especially critical of Trump.

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