Give her credit. Sarah Palin is nothing if not consistent.

In an op-ed today, the former Alaska governor blasted president-elect Donald Trump for engaging in “crony capitalism” on his deal with Carrier to keep 1,000 jobs in Indiana.

“When government steps in arbitrarily with individual subsidies, favoring one business over others, it sets inconsistent, unfair, illogical precedent,” wrote Palin. “Politicians picking and choosing recipients of corporate welfare is railed against by fiscal conservatives, for it’s a hallmark of corruption. And socialism.”

Palin was often critical of the Obama administration for using tax dollars to support various businesses, and despite being considered for a spot in Trump’s cabinet, she did not hold back with her opinion that a deal like the one with Carrier is a “sinfully stupid practice.”

Although some details behind the deal remain unclear, the state of Indiana offered Carrier $7 million in tax subsidies over 10 years to stay.

“However well meaning, burdensome federal government imposition is never the solution,” wrote Palin. “Not in our homes, not in our schools, not in churches, not in businesses. Gotta’ have faith the Trump team knows all this.”

The Wall Street Journal editorial board has also come out against the Carrier deal, arguing that it sacrifices free market principles.

Palin, according to sources close to the Trump transition team, is in the running to head the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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