With just days to go until a critical election in a divided nation, Survivor host Jeff Probst says this season of the show is a true reflection of what’s going on in America.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Probst acknowledges that America’s politics seems a lot like David versus Goliath, with people acting aggressively on both sides.

” I think the theme was the right choice in terms of where we are as a country,” said Probst. “It’s been very interesting to hear what kinds of people align with the Davids and who aligns with the Goliaths.”

Probst did not say where the alignment falls, but generally Goliath’s in America represent big corporations, banks and the wealthy, while David’s represent society’s less fortunate and underdogs.

The phrase ‘David vs Goliath’ is generally used to refer to a situation in which a small person or organization defeats a larger one in a surprising way.

Probst could be signaling that this season may be a preview of a Democrats versus Republicans season, although that idea hasn’t gone over very well with fans.

“The bottom line in all of this is the faith that our audience wants us to continue to experiment,” said the longtime Survivor host. “We don’t feel the pressure to do the same thing. In fact, we feel tremendous pressure to continue to find new, risky ideas. We’re not stopping with this one either!”

The concept of a political Survivor has already made the cover of the New York Post – twice.

There is a lot you can recognize in modern campaigning and Survivor.

Putting aside the fact that the president is a former reality TV host, both politics and Survivor can be cutthroat, full of lies and scheming with a big cash prize at the end.

Earlier this year, Probst noted that a Democrat vs. Republican season doesn’t seem right at this time, stating “a Hillary Clinton supporter would never align with a Donald Trump supporter. People are so entrenched in their political philosophies.”

True, but maybe they would end up making the best secret alliance?

Regardless, Probst is right. David versus Goliath is a reflection of America today.

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