There is a very real scenario playing out in Arizona that would find Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) and Rep. Martha McSally (R-AZ) both in the U.S. Senate come January.

How is that possible?

If Sinema holds on to her current lead in the senate race, she will win and replace the retiring Sen. Jeff Flake.

However, if Sen. Jon Kyl, who replaced the late Sen. John McCain, follows through on his statement made in September that he would only serve until the start of the next Congress, then Gov. Doug Ducey would appoint another Republican to replace him.

And that Republican will, very likely, be McSally.

What are the odds? Pretty good, actually.

Arizona will make history having elected its first woman to the senate, and would make history again having two women serve in the senate at the same time.

Perhaps that’s why we have not heard McSally this week calling the process corrupt and questioning whether another election was needed, as President Trump tweeted on Friday.

She knows she’s on the verge of being a senator, one way or another.

Rep. Martha McSally and Rep. Kyrsten Sinema debate last month in Phoenix.

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