Former President Obama met Tuesday with former President George H.W. Bush in Houston prior to a speaking engagement at Rice University, Bush’s spokesman said.

“The two had a very pleasant and private visit at the Bush residence, where they rekindled what was already a very warm friendship,” Jim McGrath wrote on Twitter.

Obama was scheduled to speak at a forum at the Baker Institute at Rice University tonight.

Obama previously said his Republican predecessor is “one of the more underrated presidents we have ever had” because of his ability to balance principle and common sense while governing the country.

“When you look at both how he managed foreign policy and when you think about how he handled domestic policy in each case he was thoughtful, restrained, and made good decisions,” Obama told Variety. “And I think that ultimately he was one of the more underrated presidents that we’ve ever had certainly in modern times.”

The meeting of the former Democratic and Republican presidents reminds Americans of the sense of civility prior to the Trump era.

Obama and his wife, Michelle, saw George H.W. Bush in April when they attended Barbara Bush’s funeral in Houston.

George H.W. Bush, 94, has dealt with health issues in the time since.

He was hospitalized the day after his wife’s funeral for an infection, and was released after about two weeks.

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