For political junkies who grew up during the Bush era, there has been no greater political convention intro than the one used for George Bush in 1988.

The intro, which was used at the Republican National Convention in New Orleans and broadcast live around the country, was important because Bush was following the enormously popular Ronald Reagan, and many Americans were unfamiliar with Bush’s personal story.

The video, narrated by actor Charlton Heston, showed highlights of Bush’s heroic war service, and vast government experience, while weaving in his grandchildren.

And, most importantly, Bush received an endorsement from Reagan, who called him “one of the most experienced candidates for president in my lifetime.”

Following the election, Bush’s Democratic opponent Michael Dukakis remarked; “Even I was considering voting for Bush after seeing him with his granddaughter.”

It really is one of the most influential political videos of our time.

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