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A startling photoshopped picture of President Trump shows the former reality TV host without his signature orange-hued tan and infamous comb-over hairstyle to show what he would look like ‘au naturale’.

People say the “real” Trump looks like everyone from former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, to Russia President Vladimir Putin, to Daddy Warbucks in the movie Annie.

“I guess this is what Donald would look like if he was a normal man,” wrote New Zealand-based photographer Jordan Rivers on Facebook.

Rivers said he changed the president’s appearance by using the skin color around his eyes as reference for Trump’s natural skin tone.

“I wanted to see what would happen if I took the natural skin color from around his eyes and applied it to the rest of his face and took away the comb over and hair dye,” wrote Rivers. “So I guess this is what Donald would look like if he was poor.”

The stark contrast of the side-by-side images sparked an incredible response on both Facebook and Twitter.

The social media posts amassed more than 100,000 ‘likes’ and thousands of comments, varying in nature presumably depending upon the author’s political allegiance.


Rivers, learning a bit about the current state of American politics, said it didn’t take long for Trump supporters to attack him personally for posting the picture online:

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