President Trump posed for a selfie during a Super Bowl party at his West Palm Beach country club with the woman who founded Orchids of Asia Day Spa — the massage parlor now at the center of a sex trafficking and prostitution investigation.

Li Yang shared a photo of herself and a friend sitting directly behind Trump at the event, which took place just two weeks before Patriots owner Robert Kraft would be charged with two counts of misdemeanor solicitation of prostitution for incidents that allegedly transpired at that spa.

Kraft is accused of visiting the spa on two consecutive days in January, with a worker performing a manual sex act on the billionaire during his first appointment while another worker performed an oral sex act during his second sojourn.

He is planning to fight those charges and denies claims he was the recipient of any sexual act at the spa, despite police claiming there is video evidence in the case.

Kraft is one of Trump’s closest friends, while Yang is one with deep pockets.

Records show that she donated $8,100 to the Trump Victory Fund in 2018, listing her occupation on federal election forms as Chairman of the Women’s Charity Foundation

That Super Bowl party was just one of the many events Yang has attended at Trump’s private club in Palm Beach.

Her social media accounts show frequent visits to Mar-a-Lago in the years since President Trump took office.

During those visits she has posed up alongside Donald Jr and Eric Trump.



She has also been a guest at both the White House and Trump Tower, where she had an audience with the president.



Yang, 45, owned a string of day spas in south Florida, an area where human trafficking has run rampant of recent, according to a Miami Herald report citing crackdowns on spas in at least three counties.

In Miami-Dada County, at least 205 spas offer sexual services according to the Herald.

Yang told the Miami Herald that she has sold all of her spas and is out of the business, but would not acknowledge whether or not she knew about allegations that sexual acts were being performed on clients by women who may have been trafficked.

She also revealed that she would be moving to Washington DC.

Trump seems to be impressed with Yang, heralding her business acumen in a signed photo from himself and First Lady Melania Trump.

‘Thank you for your friendship and dedication to our cause,’ read the note.

‘Leaders like you are the key to fulfilling our bold agenda to Make America Great Again.’




Attribution:Miami Herald
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