Warner Bros. Pictures is filing a copyright infringement complaint as part of an effort to have a video President Trump shared taken down.

The studio is taking the step because Trump used the instrumental track from the studio’s 2012 film, “The Dark Knight Rises,” when he posted a move-style trailer on Twitter today, Warner Bros. has confirmed.

Trump tweeted the two-minute clip with the accompanying message, “Make American Great Again!”

The clip, which closes with an image of a Trump campaign logo and “2020,” features numerous figures who have repeatedly criticized the president, including former President Obama, Hillary Clinton, former President Bill Clinton, comedians Amy Schumer and Rosie O’Donnell, and actor Bryan Cranston.

“First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they call you racist,” blares a message at the beginning of the video.

The video later transitions to clips of Trump’s time in the White House, campaign rallies and his meetings with foreign leaders.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un – both authoritarian type leaders – are shown in the two-minute clip.

Social media users couldn’t help but ponder why, of all films to parody, his marketing team would choose recognizable music from a film in which a villain essentially holds the entire city of Gotham hostage as it descends into chaos.

It’s also unclear if Trump is meant to represent Bane or Batman, both of which categorically operate in full defiance of authorities.


The video appears to be lifted from a YouTube video posted to a Reddit thread on /r/The_Donald.

The video by MateyProductions cites Zimmer’s score, but it’s unclear if permission to use it was obtained.

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