Two weeks after Donald Trump’s re-election campaign announced they’d made more than $45 million from MAGA hat sales, the millionth red cap made is being held under lock and key in the Trump 2020 campaign offices.

Bearing his slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ in bold white letters, officials plan to give away the milestone cap as part of a fundraising contest, according to Fox News.

The brim of the cap has also been signed by Trump in his typical towering and bold iconic scrawl.

‘We’re on the verge of selling our millionth hat,’ Kayleigh McEnany, the Trump campaign’s national press secretary, told the outlet during a visit to the campaign’s North Virginia offices.

On Tuesday, supporters of Trump received an email from his 2020 campaign saying that anyone donating to the cause that same day would automatically be entered into a sweepstakes to win the hat.

According to the campaign, Trump signed the cap in the Oval Office and plans to personally present it to the lucky winner in person at an upcoming rally.

‘Your signed red MAGA hat will be personally hand-delivered to you by President Trump himself at a Trump Rally,’ the email said. ‘You’ll also get to take a picture with him!’

For the meantime, the hat will stay locked away in the office of Mike Pence’s nephew, John Pence, who is a senior campaign staffer for Trump’s 2020 bid.


The Donald Trump autographed MAGA hat.


McEnany added that the million figure only includes the official hat that have been sold by the campaign since Trump announced his presidential running.

‘There’s millions more if you count the fraudulent ones that are not official merchandise,’ she said.

But not everyone believes those wearing it don’t have a more hidden message.

“The hats are tied up with the concept of “triggering,” a favored trolling strategy among the so-called “alt-right,” said Nikhil Sonnad, a reporter for Quartz. “To trigger someone is to push their political buttons. I can say that, personally, as a brown guy who sometimes has a large, terrorist-looking beard, if I see someone with a MAGA hat on, I become a bit afraid that they will tell me to go back to my home country (Michigan) or punch me in the face. So yes, the stupid hat triggers me.”

Many, including actress and activist Alyssa Milano, now are calling the baseball caps the modern-day white hoods of the Ku Klux Klan, representing a white nationalist ideology pushed by the president.

Speaking on CBS News’ Face the Nation last month, Trump’s re-election campaign manager Brad Parscale citing the number of hats sold as evidence that Trump has redefined the art of electioneering.

‘We’re closing in on selling our one millionth red MAGA hat. You know those are 45 bucks a piece. You do the math there really quick, it’s $45 million. So those kind of things—this president has changed the game in the way merchandise, rallies, the entire experience of being part of the political movement. He’s changed it.’

Parscale added that the campaign’s greatest success has come from its ‘small-dollar donations’, which allow those ‘far from the system’ feel involved in Trump’s political movement.

The hats became a staple at Trump rallies and events during his 2016 presidential campaign; they’re still sold online through the White House Gift Shop and online, where the slogan “Make America Great Again” is printed on everything from baseball caps to swimsuits, banners, playing cards, megaphones and even beer can koozies.


Attribution:Fox News
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