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Happy 107th Birthday to an Ohio legend, and Williams County’s longest living resident Ruby Lockhart!

Ruby was born May 17, 1912 – exactly 107 years ago!

Although born next door in Indiana, Ruby spent most of her years in Montpelier, in northern Ohio.

She married her husband Barr in 1931, and has three children, eleven grandchildren, fourteen great grandchildren, and thirteen great-great grandchildren!

That’s quite a legacy!

Ruby is still a registered independent voter in Ohio.

In 2008, she told her family that she voted for Barack Obama for president.

Later, she received a letter from him on her 100th birthday!


Ruby celebrating her 100th birthday with family and friends in 2010.


Ruby has been known to attend bingo parties at Hillside Country Living, where she takes pride in being called the oldest person in the room.

Residents there say Ruby is “an inspiration to others demonstrated by her abilities, positive attitude, independence and longevity.”


Ruby playing bingo with friends.


The Williams County Board of Commissioners recognized Ruby’s achievements last year with a proclamation, that said, in part: “In her quiet way, Ruby has been a force for good and a stabilizing influence on those around her during those turbulent years.”



Ruby Lockhart is a legend, and an inspiration!


Mother and Son. Ruby and Gene Lockhart.


On behalf of your family and friends, and entire state of Ohio, Happy 107th Birthday Ruby!



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