Move over Game of Thrones. Lucifer is closing in on the record as the most-watched series in history!

Despite disagreement the past few weeks within the fandom, over whether season five should be the end of the series, Lucifans are proving to be devilishly powerful.

Netflix has premiered several hit shows since Lucifer season 4 premiered in May, but the Binge Report shows our favorite devil has staying power.

Lucifer holds the #1 spot on the throne for a sixth week in a row, with 5.06% of binge sessions.



Most shows only stick around in the top spot for a couple weeks, but Lucifer has been there now for six weeks in a row.

And if it can do it again next week, it will be tied with Game of Thrones, which has been widely accepted as one of the top series of all time.

Keep binging Lucifans! Let’s send a message of who we really want to sit on the Iron Throne!

[Lucifer Fans Split – Split Signals About Petition For Season Six]

Lucifer Top TV Soundtrack; Ranks 3 Songs on May’s Top TV Songs List

It’s not just the show that’s popular, but the music as well.

Lucifer season four now has three songs in the Top 10 TV soundtracks for May!

The hits include:  “My Love Will Never Die” from AG featuring Claire Wyndham, “The Beast” by Old Caltone and Silvia (Roboberget Remix) from Miike Snow.

Listen to the songs below:


#2 – “My Love Will Never Die” from AG featuring Claire Wyndham


#8 – “The Beast” by Old Caltone


#9 – Silvia (Roboberget Remix) from Miike Snow


The magic number is 10.

That’s how many episodes remain in Lucifer’s journey on Netflix.

It’s been a roller coaster of a month for Lucifer fans, coming to grips and accepting the reality that the next season of the hit show will be the last.

Netflix announced Season five earlier this month following a huge campaign from Lucifans.

But with the good news came the recognition that the show will be ending soon.

It has split the Lucifer fandom, with some signing a petition to Netflix to urge more seasons, while others have backed Executive Producer Joe Henderson who has been adamant season five is it.

Read more about the controversy here, and keep checking back at JimHeath.TV for the latest Lucifans news!


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